Terms and conditions of use

General Conditions

  1. The contract made by you on-line with us, (hereafter referred to as PENWave) includes these terms and conditions, which will prevail over any proposition presented by the customer;
  2. Any image, video or text material should not be reproduced or distributed without the previous permission of PENWave, even if the copyright mark is absent. The visitor may however print complete pages of the Website for his own personal use;
  3. All links to PENWave website pages should  be clearly identified as PENWave website material;
  4. Do not proceed with your purchase until you have read and agreed with “Terms & Conditions”;
  5. PENWave does not sell products on a trial basis;
  6. Some site content might change over the time. We will do our best to correct any detected error, but we do not lay liable for any losses;
  7. PENWave reserves the right to change “Terms & Conditions”, without prior notice, in relation to future sales and prospects;
  8. Working days stand for Monday to Friday, excluding all Portuguese public holidays (January 1st, Holy Friday, Easter, April 25th, May 1st, June 10th, June 15th, first Monday of August, August 15th, October 5th, November 1st, December 1st, December 8th, December 25th).



  1. PENWave will not be liable for incidental, consequential or special damages arising or as a result of any electronic transmission;
  2. PENWave acts under the Portuguese law. Any information provided by you must correspond to the truth, and any transaction made by you are of your complete responsibility.
  3. In case of out of Europe Union deliveries, PENWave will not be held liable nor refund products that go faulty for lack of customer payment of any outstanding money due to European customs;
  4. Any faulty product, result of a delay in Customs or random checks, will not be PENWave responsibility, nor will we obligated to replace/refund the faulty product.
  5. In case of a carrier that offers no tracking service, PENWave will not be liable for any lost/misplaced product;


Privacy Police

Your privacy means the world to us, and we are fully committed in protecting it.

  1. Only lawfully obtained information will be used by us (Data Protection Act 1998);
  2. Credit card details or other data will not be disclosed nor sold to any third parties;
  3. Data collected by us is strictly business related: personal information for order process/transactions conclusion and to provide the best service possible;
  4. Sensitive data will not be collected by us. If you suspect phishing, please contact us immediately;
  5. Information held about you is stored in accordance with our internal security policy and the law. All electronic payment details will be collected and processed by third parties on the secure servers of some of the world's largest online payment facilities;

  6. Information should be up to date. You can at any point consult the information we have about you, by contacting us through the email account recorded on your online profile;
  7. Cookies are used on this shopping site, but only to keep track of the contents of your shopping basket once you have selected an item.