About us

Our Team

Pen Wave is a young and passionate indoor aquaculture company. Our auto assigned task is to add new premium microalgae and other live preys as copepods that will help boost aquaculture into a new Era. We are composed by a multi-disciplinary team, highly qualified for phyto and zooplankton production, aroused by years of research and field knowledge.

Headquarters is located in Peniche – Portugal, right around the sea. We have a close relationship with the Ocean and can almost say that saltwater is in our DNA.


We are a direct result of several research years. Our marine biologists and biotechnologists studied, improved and perfected all the process, providing you access to the latest scientific trend. Still, we are in close relation to MARE- IPLeiria – CETEMares, were our products were initially validated.


Production and Quality

We are flexible in many points of our production – except when it comes to quality. Quality is one of our top list priorities, and we make sure that nothing steps out of line. It is already implemented a traceability program, which is conjugated with continuous team-training and will to excel ourselves, making sure that our production follows rigid norms that ensure that you only get the best – we do not sell what ourselves wouldn’t buy.

Our products do not have persistent/dangerous chemicals and are perfectly safe for aquaculture!

Our values

Knowledge imprint on us an extreme concern for environmental health and we are committed on doing our part to save the Planet!  We work with living organisms and we keep that in mind. No hormones nor growth boosters are added to the cultures, respecting Nature’s way.


Our philosophy

Keep the thrill alive! Our natural curiosity leads to inventive solutions and will power to overcome adversities.
We’re engaged in providing solutions for some of aquaculture’s bottlenecks and new biotechnological compounds.